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Committing to Action

Action Plan for Circular Creatives in Greece – what can we achieve

This section of the Action Plan presents a commitment to 9 actions, summarised in the following table:
ActionProposed Action CostWho is involved? Anticipated
Completed by
1.Awareness and Education: Commit to raising awareness and providing education about circular economy principles within the creative sectors through workshops, seminars, and online resources.Funding for workshops, seminars, and educational materialsCreative organizations, educational institutions, government agencies.Increased awareness of circular economy principles among creative professionals, leading to informed decision-making and innovative projects.Sept – November 2023
2.Cross-Sector Collaboration: Foster collaboration among diverse creative industries, encouraging cross-disciplinary projects that explore circular practices and innovative solutions.Resource allocation for collaborative projects, and coordination efforts.Various creative industries, collaborative platforms.Novel cross-disciplinary projects that leverage diverse expertise, resulting in innovative solutions that promote circular practices.Sept – November 2023
3.Material Sourcing and Upcycling: Develop strategies to source sustainable and reclaimed materials, promoting upcycling and reducing reliance on virgin resources across creative projects.Investment in sourcing sustainable materials, and training on upcycling techniques.Artisans, designers, material suppliers.Reduced environmental impact, decreased reliance on new resources, and enhanced artistic creativity through the utilization of reclaimed materials.Sept – November 2023
4.Circular Design Thinking: Integrate circular design principles into educational curricula, promoting innovative design approaches that minimize waste and optimize resource use.Curriculum development, training resources.Educational institutions, design professionals.Graduates with a strong foundation in circular design, leading to the integration of sustainable practices in the creative process.Sept – November 2023
5.Digital Transformation: Embrace digital platforms to showcase circular creations, enabling wider access to sustainable art, design, and initiatives.Development and maintenance of digital platforms.Tech partners, creative organizations.Wider accessibility to circular creative content, reaching larger audiences and inspiring sustainable consumer choices.Sept – November 2023
6.Inclusivity and Skills Development: Support vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, by providing skill development opportunities and fostering inclusivity within the circular creative ecosystem.Training programs, accommodations for disabled participants.Nonprofits, vocational training centers, disability support organizationsEmpowered vulnerable groups with skills, fostering a more inclusive and diverse circular creative community.Sept – November 2023
7.Policy Advocacy: Collaborate with governmental and non-governmental entities to advocate for policies that incentivize circular practices and support the growth of sustainable creative industries.Advocacy campaigns, policy research.Creative associations, sustainability advocates, policymakers.Enabling policy framework that incentivizes circular practices, promoting the growth of sustainable creative industries.Sept – November 2023
8.Circular Showcase Events: Organize exhibitions and events that spotlight circular creative works, providing a platform for artists and designers to display their innovative, sustainable creations.Event planning and organization expenses.Event organizers, artists, sponsors.Platform for artists to exhibit circular creations, encouraging public engagement and raising awareness about circular economy initiatives.Sept – November 2023
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