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Result 01

Creatives and Job Opportunities Exploratory Panels

The first ECCE result will be the establishment of 4 Creatives and Job Opportunities Exploratory Panels. Regional think tanks, they will be set up in Roscommon, Ireland, Berlin, Germany, Zagreb, Croatia and Athens, Greece. The Panels will benefit from the input from creatives explaining how they have been affected in the last year, joined by VET changemaker perspectives and policy drivers, all focused on how new circular approaches be adopted by creative entrepreneurs.

Result 02

Circular Economy for Creative Business Training Course

The Circular Economy for Creative Business Training Course aims to be the exemplar VET course for creative entrepreneurs that will train creatives about the circular economy frameworks, focusing on closing material cycles, designing out waste, creating labour productive skills.

Result 03

ECCE Knowledge Sharing Platform

The Knowledge platform ensures that ECCE is a multi-level learning approach, providing access to resources for users with different needs and in different business situations. The platform will produce new ideas, practices and opportunities between creatives involved in the training course.

Result 04

Guide to creating a “zero waste” Circular Market Place

Guide to Creating a Zero Waste Circular Marketplace is designed to facilitate the creation of ‘zero waste’ marketplaces for creative sector entrepreneurs that have progressed to circular business models. The guide will be a template for participants to come together in a regional location regularly, showcasing, selling, and marketing their products and businesses as best practice circular events.

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