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Creatives and Job Opportunities Exploratory Panels


Under the leadership of Roscommon LEADER Partnership, our Partners - Circular Creatives have established four regional think tanks called Creatives and Job Opportunities Exploratory Panels in Roscommon, Ireland; Berlin, Germany; Croatia; and Athens, Greece.  Bringing together a panel of 30 creative entrepreneurs, VET educators, those working with the unemployed, creative sector networks and development agencies to share best practice approaches and cocreating solutions that are responsive to real need in the regions.

  1. research and explore the challenges and opportunities faced by creative entrepreneurs and how adapting to a circular economy approach can transform their creative practice and businesses.
  2. involve creative professionals in developing innovative solutions that will future proof their employability and resilience in the face of potential crises.
  3. gauge the desire and ability of unemployed people to learn and upskill from creative and VET trainers in implementing circular economies in employment or self-employment.

Check out the Creatives and Job Opportunities Exploratory Panels for each region below:

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