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Research Findings

Research Findings from the Creative Entrepreneurs Survey

The survey sought to understand the Impact of the Pandemic on Creative Entrepreneurs.

Our 30 respondents shared that: -

“Sourcing sustainable materials became more challenging due to disruptions in supply chains. We faced an increase in difficulties."

"We explored local sourcing options, reducing dependency on international suppliers, resulting in minimal impact."

"We adapted to virtual collaboration platforms, maintaining around 70% of our partnerships."

What was the impact of the pandemic on Creative Entrepreneurs in terms of the Circular economy?

Around 40% of our respondents embraced the challenge and allocated resources to innovate within the circular economy framework while 45% of our respondents admitted that they experienced a surge in interest, with around a 20% increase in demand for sustainable offering

Role of Vocational Education and Training

"The pandemic accelerated the importance of local economies, and our VET initiatives capitalized on this shift”

Around 60% of our trainees reported a heightened awareness of the circular economy's role in building resilient communities.

"Vocational education encouraged a mindset shift among our learners. About 75% of our students noted that their understanding of    circular economy concepts motivated them to rethink traditional business models and explore circular alternatives."

“Our VET curriculum integrated digital skills that proved invaluable during remote work scenarios”

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