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Committing to Action

Action Plan for Circular Creatives Germany – what can we achieve

This section of the Action Plan presents a commitment to 7 actions, summarised as:
ActionProposed Action CostWho is involved? Anticipated
Completed by
1.Promotion and visibility:
Promoting the following:
-Circular Creatives project in general
-The exploratory panels so that the format/forum can be continued even after the project ends
-The project’s knowledge platform and course modules
-The market place event
Time and effortGlobal Impact GridPotential future circular creatives that will start their businessesOct – January 2024
Explore the opportunity of having tie-ups with Universities utilize the course modules of this project so that students and faculty can benefit from it
Time and effortGlobal Impact Grid, potential partner UniversityTie up with at least one UniversityDecember-January 2024
Explore the opportunity of having tie-ups with training organizations so that SME organizations can be trained
Time and effortGlobal Impact Grid, potential SME training organizationSignup with at least 3 SME organizationsDec – January 2024
4.Circularity Awareness Events: Explore the opportunity of having tie-ups with creative art businesses to organize events that spotlight circular creative works, providing a platform for artists and designers to display their innovative, sustainable creations.Time, effort and cost of the eventGlobal Impact Grid, potential circular event organizing firmTie up with at least one event organizationDecember 2023
5.Cross-utilization in other projects:
Commit to implementing the concepts in one or more EU projects and utilize the project results developed
Time and effortGIG, other project partnersImplementation of the results of Circular Creatives in other projects and programsDecember – April 2024
6.Impact Measurement: Establish metrics to assess the reach of the initiatives and assess the social impact of circular creative initiatives.Time onlyGlobal Impact GridSocial media responses and events attendanceDecember2023 – April 2024
7.Hosting Circular Creatives Exploratory Panel Event
To focus on how to track actions and long-term sustainability planning.
Time and effortGlobal Impact GridParticipation of Creative EntrepreneursDecember2023 – April 2024
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