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Can a sustainable way of doing business be profitable?

When Lori Brnčić decided to venture into entrepreneurship, her main goal was to test how profitable a sustainable way of doing business really is, and she says that so far it seems that it really is. She opened the "zero waste" and plant-based cafe Filteraj, where she realized her creative ideas. The experience of the guests is the same as in any other cafe, the difference can be felt only in the details.

They make their own milk, their cold brew, iced teas, everything they can make in their production from whole materials. The rest of the pulp is used to make smoothies, and some ends up in their famous cakes. They purchase materials in recyclable packaging, even the coffee comes in returnable packaging. The result? In a month, the cafe "produces" only about 10 liters of mixed waste. Ninety percent of it are things that people leave in the bar.

Since this creative entrepreneur has been using only reusable cleaning and hygiene products for a long time, she decided to start selling some of her favorite items in her cafe.
Filteraj is also a platform for sustainable concepts and often hosts flea markets, second hand pop-ups and workshops on ecology.

„I want this place to be a small community, my goal is not just profit „- says Željka.

Source: Cropix
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