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Circular fashion

Carrie-Ann Moran is an award winning Irish social entrepreneur in Sustainability and Circular Economy Fashion and Textiles. She is the founder of Circular Fashion Ireland and is recognized nationally as a leading voice on circular fashion. She combines high end fashion design with environmental mindfulness and has expertise in lecturing, fashion design, styling, social enterprise, environmental management, sustainability and law. She is committed to bringing awareness of the environmental impacts and ethics within the fashion industry and works towards circularity and transparency.

Circular fashion aims to fight overconsumption, overproduction and the wasteful practices of the fashion industry. This way the life cycle of the garments is extended as they can be repaired, transformed into making new textiles, shredded to make new yarn and deconstructed and turned into new designs and items. The way we care for our clothes carries a substantial carbon footprint across the garment’s full lifecycle, so it is important to consider this and learn how you can extend the lifespan of your clothes to reduce this.

The company works with people on a bespoke training programme that places as much emphasis on personal development as practical skills, with a focus on confidence and communication building. They learn to create products that they are proud of and can be put in the store.

Carrie-Ann’s goal is that circular fashion and sustainability will be the norm. She believes it is possible if brands are compliant with circular fashion policies and are ethically and sustainably sourcing. Once sustainable habits are formed and you have access to resources, it becomes part of your conscience. She uses her platform to spread this information and encourage people to decide what route they want to choose.

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