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City of Rijeka - “The Port of Divercity”

In 2016 Rijeka was awarded the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture 2020 for its programme “The Port of Diversity”, aimed at creating a city of culture and creativity for Europe and future. This program is one of the most significant examples of Croatia’s circular economy because its activities relate, among other things, to adaptive reuse and regeneration of buildings togive them a new purpose. Three industrial heritage buildings in the area of the formed Rikard Benčić industrial complex are being repurposed for culture. Additionally, the ship Galeb is also being restored and turned into a ship-museum and cultural-tourist attraction in Rijeka. Furthermore, a space called RiHub was furbished in the city centre, serving as the central hub for information about the European Capital of Culture project and as a place for citizens to gather, educate, co-work and develop creatively. The City of Rijeka and the Port of Rijeka Authority furbished the former space of the Exportdrvo company at Delta, a large building where various programmes can be held. The reuse of former manufacturing facilities, which have not been used since they were closed, for the purpose of museums, libraries and much more, will benefit the local community and the city’s tourist offer.

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