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Creative Enterprise West is a collaborative initiative that supports the creative digital enterprise sector in the West. Their focus is on the development and scaling of creative digital entrepreneurs, job creation, incubation and accelerator programmes and training along the Atlantic Economic Corridor.

CREW broke ground on a new Creative Enterprise Hub in 2022, which is on track to open late 2023. This state-of-the-art CREW Creative Enterprise Hub is the first hub in the West Region focused on the development of start-up and early-stage companies in the Creative Industries. The CREW Hub will provide shared and own-door enterprise space, collaboration areas and event space. The Hub will be home to 150 Creative Technology and Creative Digital entrepreneurs in areas such as game development, animation, immersive technology, media arts, content creation and digital design.

CREW currently delivers an innovative accredited incubator programme, delivered in partnership with ATU’s School of Design and Creative Arts.  The CEED programme (Creative Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development) helps early-stage entrepreneurs turn a creative idea into a sustainable business. The programme breaks down barriers around entrepreneurship and shares toolkits and processes to give creatives the power to respond to change and cultivate resilience.

The European Circular Economy Action Plan is in place to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, which is quickly gaining momentum. CREW is an important part of this, as they are training and educating people to make the EU’s economy more sustainable and resilient while reducing its environmental impact.

CREW are partnering on the Circular Creatives project and co-hosted a panel event with the 2023 CEED entrepreneurs. CREW have developed, and refined the Circular Economy Skills for Business course along with and generally being fabulous people to work with.

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CREW CEED students at the third Circular Creatives Panel discussion event in Galway. February 2023.

Ainslie Peters, Programme and Community Manager at CREW

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