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Fresh Cuts

Born and bred in the heart of Dublin, Fresh Cuts started selling their original designs in 2015. Giving people a choice to choose better, without compromising style or quality.

In 2015, they embarked on their journey to be a more sustainable company driven by the desire to distance themselves from inhumane working conditions and contribute to a cleaner world. They immediately transitioned to organic and ethical processes on a personal level. However, they quickly realized that sustainability went beyond individual actions and decided to take control over every step in their production process, resulting in today all o their items are 100% Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton and are delivered in compostable packaging.

They only use suppliers and partners they can trust, and that share the same standards as them. One of the suppliers they use for their bespoke hoodies and t-shirts. Are fully GOTS and Fair Trade certified. Using 100% organic cotton in their production. Sourcing yarns from mills tat are powered by wind energy resulting in a carbon neutral fabric. They are also implementing solar panels into their sewing factory, reusing 90% of waste water using reverse osmosis (RO) system and the other 10% waste which is sludge is being used to manufacture building materials like cement blocks.

Fresh Cuts only uses 100% organic cotton, as cotton grown the old-fashioned way, uses chemicals and metals that harm the environment. With such a damaging effect on the ground that no other crops can be grown where cotton has been. With the cotton industry accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions. By choosing greener alternatives you will make a positive impact. Fresh Cuts’ cotton is completely free from the toxic chemicals and pesticides, using 91% less water, 62% less energy and emits 46% less CO2.

As well as using organic cotton, Fresh Cuts also works with recycled polyester, bypassing the oil extraction required to make new polyester. By doing this, their production uses 59% less energy and emits 32% less CO2. The production also saves a significant amount of water compared to new polyester production. A circular world is a better one.

All stats mentioned were taken from Fresh Cuts’ sustainability page on their website. Find out more here - SUSTAINABILITY – Fresh Cuts Clothing

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