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Land Under Water: Merging Art and Science to Drive Climate Action


How can we make climate change more relatable and inspire people to take action? Sustainia's Senior Advisor, Dida Hartvig Jørgensen, and her team at Cultor Studio have found a creative answer with their photo installation, Land Under Water. This project captures the potential impacts of sea-level rise on Copenhagen's iconic landmarks, merging art and science to spark meaningful behavior change.

Bridging the Gap Between Awareness and Action

Despite growing awareness of climate change in Denmark, Dida and her team at Cultor Studio observed that this awareness did not translate into understanding or changed behaviors. The team realized that traditional climate science communication failed to engage people emotionally, making it easy for them to dismiss the issue as distant or irrelevant.

Unlocking Climate Action Through Emotion

Understanding that people prioritize short-term gains and struggle with long-term orientation, Cultor Studio aimed to elicit an emotional response to encourage individual climate action. The team set out to explore how cultural actors and creative industries could frame climate change differently from politicians and scientists.

Land Under Water: A Visual Call to Action

Cultor Studio's Land Under Water project focuses on sea-level rise and its direct impacts on architecture, culture, and lifestyles in Copenhagen. The team used scientific data to project sea-level rise under different global warming scenarios and visually depicted these potential outcomes on the city's iconic buildings. The striking images encourage an emotional connection to the issue and demonstrate the urgent need for action.

The Land Under Water photo installation showcases the power of combining art and science to communicate the climate crisis effectively. By capturing the imagination and fostering an emotional connection, this project inspires individuals to take action and create a more sustainable future.

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