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Martina Reynolds

A talented artist hailing from Ireland, has established herself as an expert in the art of cross stitch. Her creative journey has expanded to encompass bead jewellery and eco-resin crafts, showcasing her versatility and dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Martina’s passion for cross stich is evident in her stunning creations. From intricate pictures to heartfelt cards, her diverse range caters to all occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, Halloween, wedding or arrival of a new baby, Martina’s skilful artistry ensures she has the perfect design. Martina takes pride in offering personalised options, allowing customers to add an extra personal touch to their chosen pieces.

Martina’s commitment to minimising waste is showcased through her No Waste Collection. Rather than discarding off-cuts bits of thread, she transforms them into delightful bookmarks and other imaginative items. By repurposing these remnants, Martina not only creates unique eco-conscious pieces but also promotes sustainability in her craft.

In her quest for sustainable materials, Martina has embraced jesmonite, an eco-resin known for its non-toxic and environmentally friendly properties. The durability of jesmonite ensures Martina’s creations are made to last. In the event that they are no longer needed, her pieces can be recycled into new pieces, minimising their environmental impact.

Martina’s creativity shines through her innovative use of eco-resin. Every drop of jesmonite is carefully saved and used in module to produce, captivating, multi-coloured creations. These one-of-a-kind pieces not only showcase Martina’s artistic talent but also offer customers the opportunity to own something truly unique while supporting sustainable practices.

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