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Introducing Momentum

Momentum is a VET education organisation focused on developing progressive learning programmes and platforms with special focus on sustainability and entrepreneurship. We have experience and capacity in delivering entrepreneurship training for hard-to-reach groups including NEETs, those most distant from the labour market and those who work with them (VET trainers, enterprise centres).

Our work in building sustainable green communities began in 2012 when we led the establishment of the ACCELERATE GREEN HUB in Roscommon as a business incubation programme to enable 10 green projects to receive support in their communities and linking them with high level experience and knowledge. Momentum co-ordinated the programme with projects emerging in Renewable energy, Waste management, Eco-tourism, Habitat conservation and organic food processing.

Our pedagogic specialisms are blended learning and professional development training in the green economy, eco innovation, rural economy regeneration, internationalisation and competitiveness. Momentum’s specific competencies lie in the design and delivery of innovative programmes including vocational education in the classroom, mentoring and web-enabled distance learning techniques, specifically webinars and e-learning environments.

In Circular Creatives, we will lead the Zero waste Marketplace Guide which will be designed to facilitate the creation of ‘zero waste’ marketplaces for creative sector entrepreneurs that have progressed to circular business models.

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