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Committing to Action

Action Plan for Circular Creatives Ireland – what can we achieve

This section of the Action Plan presents a commitment to 8 actions, summarised as:
ActionProposed Action CostWho is involved? Anticipated
Completed by
1.Raise the profile of Circular Creatives as it is relevant to un/under employed people and those who work with them by hosting a radio programme and podcast series highlighting opportunities.Time onlyRLP social inclusion team
Ros FM
3 circular creatives that have emerged from un/under employment will feature in a dedicated programme and podcasts created based on their interviewsSept – November 2023
2.Deliver the Circular Economy for Creative Business Training Course to creative entrepreneurs in craft/artisan sector€2,500RLP
Roscommon County Council
20+ craft/artisan entrepreneurs will successfully complete the courseSept – November 2023
3.Prepare a Circular Creatives Badge for circular creatives that have attained their micro credential to use in their marketing. Time onlyRLP
Momentum (design)
EUEI (technical guidance)
Badge will be officially launched, media campaign and promoted in the creative industries communities October 2023
4.Use the Zero – Waste Marketplace Event Planning Guide to host a ‘zero-waste’ marketplace for creatives in Roscommon to showcase their circularity and entrepreneurship. Zero – Waste Marketplace Event Planning Guide. Event will include self-run workshops€5,000RLP
Roscommon Town Team
•50 creatives and event attended by 500 people

Circularity Workshop presented by 3 circular creatives
December 2023
5.Zero – Waste Marketplace sustainability legacy shared with other Roscommon event planners e.g. arts centresTime onlyRLP
Roscommon County Council
3 arts centres are inspired and upskilled to encourage circular creative practice with the artist communityQ1 2024
6.Support the work of circular creatives involved in the social economy (e.g. Cycle Up)

• Support via creating new online shop
• Provide opportunities for training delivery
Cycle Up
New Cycle Up website and online shop developed as exemplar project for others to replicate.

Circularity Workshop presented and recorded as part of Zero – Waste Marketplace.
Q2 2023 – Q4 2024
7.Work with the VET community to encourage uptake of Circular Economy for Creative Business Training Course for wider delivery. Presentations at Regional Skills Forum, West Regional Action Plan for Jobs, and one to one meetings.Time onlyRLP
LEO Roscommon
Regional Skills Forum
Greater awareness and uptake of open access to Circular Economy for Creative Business Training CourseQ2 2023 – Q4 2024
8.Host Circular Creatives Roscommon Exploratory Panel event(4th) to focus on how to track actions and longer term sustainability planning Time onlyRLP
Clear accountability of this Action Plan
Agreement on the continuation approach to the Roscommon Exploratory Panel
Q4 2023
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