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Module 5: Practices to Implement

Test your knowledge!

1. When moving to implement circularity into your business, it is important to choose the right Circular Business Model. Which of the following is not an example of a circular business model currently in use?
2. The circular business model that focuses on increasing the functionality of products already in circulation, like the business iFixit, is an example of what type of model:
3. There can be both internal and external barrier to entry to the circular economy for creative entrepreneurs. External barriers include:
4. What should entrepreneurs avoid when writing a Circularity Strategy?
5. All 11 strategies in the R Ladder should be prioritised equally.
6. When exploring reusable means of production, we must focus on closing, narrowing and slowing production loops. Keeping resources in use for longer, before they come to the end of their functional life is the focus of:
7. What the two cycles that describe how materials can be kept in use:
8. In Unit 3, we discuss the case study Sea Stone from design studio newtab-22. Sea Stone is made from discarded seashells, processed and mixed with natural binders, and the resulting product can be used for homewares and interior tiles. Sea Stone is an example of what kind of material cycle?
9. The Disruptive Design Method is divided into three distinct parts, aligning with the mindsets and methods of the circular design process. These three parts are:
10. Benefits of circular employment include:
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