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Guide to Creating a Zero-Waste Circular Marketplace 

Welcome to the Guide to Creating a Zero Waste Circular Marketplace and the Empowering Circular Creatives Case Study Compendium,  both designed to steer creative entrepreneurs and community leaders towards crafting marketplaces that not only thrive economically but also respect and enrich our environment. These documents give us insight into where commerce and sustainability in the creative sector combine, where waste is not an afterthought but purposeful and its reduction is an ongoing commitment.

The compendium and the Guidebook provide comprehensive resources and examples designed to empower creative entrepreneurs across Europe to build and sustain zero waste, circular marketplaces.

The case studies that are presented to you are an integral part of the guide, offering real-world examples from a wide array of progressive initiatives. These range from social cooperatives that enhance the skills of marginalised creatives to National Circular Economy Centers, and even include a forward-thinking company that upcycles boat sails into travel gear. Each case study provides unique insights into the practical application of circular economy principles in various creative sectors.

The goal of the success stories and the guide is to increase public awareness of circular business practices and their benefits.

By illustrating successful examples of circular economy in action, Circular Creatives aims to foster long-term partnerships between entrepreneurs and local stakeholders, ultimately transforming marketplaces into hubs of circular economy and creative excellence. The impact is envisaged to be far-reaching, contributing significantly to the promotion of sustainable practices in the creative sector and beyond.
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